The PowerShell Project

A Noobie’s Journey into Scripting 

DISCLAIMER: This was originally a way to document what I was learning when I first ran into PowerShell as a student who had no prior scripting experience. The examples given and the posts done in relation to the project most likely do not follow best practices and should definitely be reviewed if they are going to be used in any fashion. You have been warned! 🙂

:How it originally worked:

I wrote-up a blog post every week on what I was learning with PowerShell.

The project was more of a “learn with me” setup for newcomers to PowerShell CLI/scripting, so my scripts are easily staring at you…waiting for improvements. Lacking options and functionality. Wishing for random members in a current ghost community to contribute and improve them.

With each weekly post, it was an open-forum for others to give their opinion on what could be changed, improved, expanded, etc.

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Super Simple Scripts

:How it works now:

Now I interact with PowerShell everyday at work, and find myself working on or interacting with scripts every week! When I whip up something interesting that seems valuable to the community, I plan to post about it.

:Tools of The Trade:

– The best free ISE I have found for PowerShell

Remote System Administration Tools
– Want to run Active Directory cmdlets on your Windows 7 workstation? That, and more, included in these tools

Technet: Scripting with Windows PowerShell
– Great landing page on Microsoft’s Technet for all things PowerShell

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