View IIS AppPool Passwords in Plain Text with WebAdministration Module

I have been learning more about IIS this past month, and have discovered something interesting…

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OfficeScan 10.6: Scanning/Monitoring Tool

I recently found myself using a hard-to-find OfficeScan Database scanning tool that reports any issues it finds within the OfficeScan Server application directory. I thought it would be great if I could automate/schedule the tool, but the tool is only an executable that works only in interactive mode with a GUI. Thankfully, I found that these issues are all problems that can be discovered via PowerShell script! So I created a PowerShell version of the tool.

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PowerShell Summit 2014: Reviewing the Iron Scripter

I’ve been pretty busy, lately. It’s taken a while for me to finally get around to looking at the Iron Scripter challenge, alongside the winning code, that went on at the PowerShell Summit this past April. How did the challenge work?

Participants were awarded 1-5 points in each of the following categories:

  • Presentation (formatting)
  • Creativity
  • Use of the Theme Ingredient (being CIM)
  • Taste (functionality)

The challenge was made up of three courses:

  • Appetizer Course
  • Dessert Course
  • Main Course

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PowerShell and RSS Feeds: Creating an Alerting Script


I’ve run into an issue where our Antivirus Vendor, Trend Micro, is unable to provide a service where we are emailed notifications of product service packs, patches, critical patches, repackaging of packages, etc. They also don’t have a notification process for when any of those are taken off their download site entirely due to bugs that are causing high impact across their customers. It looks like I’m going to use PowerShell to monitor the Download Center.

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