PowerShell Summit 2014: Reviewing the Iron Scripter

I’ve been pretty busy, lately. It’s taken a while for me to finally get around to looking at the Iron Scripter challenge, alongside the winning code, that went on at the PowerShell Summit this past April. How did the challenge work?

Participants were awarded 1-5 points in each of the following categories:

  • Presentation (formatting)
  • Creativity
  • Use of the Theme Ingredient (being CIM)
  • Taste (functionality)

The challenge was made up of three courses:

  • Appetizer Course
  • Dessert Course
  • Main Course

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PowerShell Summit 2014 NA Resource Document

I created a resource document of links to articles, twitter feeds, blogs, youtube videos, and githubs based on the 2014 PowerShell Summit. I thought this would be the best way to provide resources to those that wanted to dig into what was covered this year.

Download the PDF

If you know of anything I’ve missed, definitely leave a comment or hit me up on twitter with extra resources.

PowerShell Summit 2014: Just Enough Admin

[EDIT 05/26/14]: Here is the best landing page by Jeffrey Snover concerning Just Enough Admin. Definitely take a look, as a whitepaper and Channel 9 Teched 2014 video about it are both posted there!

PowerShell Summit 2014 NA wrapped up last week, and it was awesome. MVP’s, PowerShell Team Members, PowerShell book authors, and Jeffrey Snover were among that lineup of speakers. This is going to be the first post collecting the speaker names, and the resources I am able to find in relation to them. I originally attempted to record the sessions, but due to technical difficulties, were only partially recorded with low quality. I wanted to create learning resources by editing my notes for public consumption, for those at the Summit who missed the sessions I attended, or for the community in general. Further resources will be posted on PowerShell.Org in the near future.

Just In Time / Just Enough Admin – Constrained Access in A Post-Snowden World
Speaker: Jeffrey Snover

JEA (Just Enough Admin) is a PowerShell toolkit that can be setup and deployed by DSC in order to create manageable, constrained endpoints. Administrators are needed, but they are always part of your attack surface, are sometimes bad actors, and can make mistakes. JEA is meant to be a great way to address these issues.

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