Where did this blog gain it’s name?

From Zeno’s Dichotomy Paradox:
Suppose you wish to go pick-up some Chinese food. You crawl into your car, and hit the road. Your house is Point A, and the Chinese Restaurant is Point B.

To get to any destination, you must always travel halfway there first. Now that you are there, you must now travel 1/2 of the remaining distance (1/4), then 1/2 the remaining again (1/8), and again (1/16), ad infinitum. You should never possess that delicious Chinese food. Never ever.

It causes the distance to be made up of an infinite amount of finite distances. Zeno claimed this as one of his logical arguments for why nothing really is in motion, as he believed we are all under a bizarre illusion.

I have always had a fascination in paradoxes, and in many other subjects that may seem disconnected from each other. As a result, since that is how the blog topics will most likely come across, it has the name: Halfway To Infinite.


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