Methods and Operators with Strings in PowerShell 2.0 vs. 3.0/4.0

I was surprised the other day when I was testing out a post-install PowerShell script that modified the contents of an XML file. I’ve become so familiar with PowerShell 3.0/4.0 improvements, that I forgot some of the ways 2.0 handled arrays when it came to methods.

I originally was testing my script against Windows 2012 servers, on PowerShell 3.0. Here is a simple breakdown of what it was doing:


Awesome. I modified the value for Thread.

When I went to test this in PowerShell 2.0, I ran into the problem of running methods against arrays of objects. This changed in version 3.0. This is the error you get in 2.0, since the method is expecting a single object:


Notice how I first checked with Get-Member (GM is a built-in alias), and found that there is a Replace method available? It makes it look like it would work the same way – thus my confusion. Higher versions will be able to notice whether there are multiple objects that the method should run against, rather than error out. I just used the -replace operator as the solution, which will work on all of the PowerShell versions we use in our environment:


Issue taken care of 🙂

Side Notes




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