Trend OfficeScan Server 10.6: Best Practices Post-Install Script

**UPDATE** 01/18/14
The script has been updated to v1.1 — as it would originally run into errors when a TMCM agent was not running on the OSCE server. Now the script is enabled to run a conditional check and skip an attempt to work with TMCM configurations if it is not found, instead of erroring in failed attempts.



I recently completed a PowerShell post-install script concerning OSCE (Trend Micro OfficeScan) 10.6 Servers, to automatically configure many settings based on Best Practices. You can find this script here:

Script location on TechNet

This has been helpful for me due to having to apply these settings across many OSCE servers. There is a list of 10.6 Best Practices, and other changes also applied by this script, listed on the initial script page.



  • Several INI changes based on OSCE 10.6 Best Practices for Post-Installation
  • Optimize OSCE servers based on the following article (for OSCE servers that have TMCM agents)
  • Function-based INI file modification idea found on Stack Overflow here:
    PowerShell Function to Replace or Add Lines in Text Files
  • Verified on PowerShell v2 and up; should work on Windows Server 2008 R2 and newer for OfficeScan 10.6 Servers (would most likely work fine on Server 2003, if PowerShell v2 is installed).

Soon I’ll be posting a script I use for remotely auditing domains, that creates some nice/flashy HTML reports — as learned by Don Jones and his free eBook.

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